Owner actions

Exclude presale from fees/limits

If the presale contract has any fees, rewards or max. txn size you may not be able to finalize the presale and all funds will be lost!

1. Approve tokens for presale

First thing you need to do to be eligble to start your presale is to approve the required tokens for the presale contract.

2. Start presale and allow buys

Once you're ready to start the presale you'll simply click the button below and the presale will be open after confirmation.

3. Claim BNB and list on DEX

Below button will either claim BNB and list your token to Pancakeswap or reclaim token balance depedning on the soft cap. requirement.

4. Approve LP tokens to locker

Approve the presale contracts LP tokens for transfer to the locker contract so you can lock them up and claim ownership next.

5. Lock LP and claim ownership

Transfer the presale contracts LP tokens to the locker contract and receive your ownership while locking the tokens for 60 days.

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A percentage weight of SPACES used for approving or reporting the presale. You may add a total of 0% weighted opinion.

Presale will run for exactly 0 days. Presale softcap reached or 100% funds back. Auto close upon hardcap reach. Only whitelisted wallets may participate Only SPACES holders with +50m tokens may participate in this presale. The last 24 hours of the presale it will open to the public if the hardcap isn't reached. For 24 hours after the launch only SPACES holders will be able to claim tokens. Automatic Pancakeswap listed upon completion. Liquidity will be locked for 60 days. Cancel buy during live presale has 10% fee.

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  • Soft cap. 0 BNB
  • Hard cap. 0 BNB
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Instant notification on all presale buys.

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Emergency cancel presale

Want to cancel the presale?

If you for any reason needs to cancel the presale you can use below action to do so. This is a permanent action which will allow all buyers to withdraw 100% of their buys. You'll instantly receive 100% of your tokens back. This action cannot be undone and you'll have to deploy a new presale contract to start a new presale.